The Art of Banksy

Disclaimer: I'm not an art history major or any sort of art student (very far from it) so if I get anything wrong feel free to call me out in the comments... The ControversyThought I would cut right to it and mention that there's a lot of controversy over this exhibit. I've read a few articles … Continue reading The Art of Banksy


The Place EFS is a nightclub on King West that had its patio opening last Friday (and is a notoriously pricey club that I would not normally go to). Also, it apparently calls itself a 'Social Club' which is something I keep seeing nightclubs do, and which is confusing since nightclubs and friendly, cognizant socializing don't really … Continue reading EFS

Apt. 200

THE PLACE I've been wanting to go to Apartment 200 for the entire year, especially since all my friends at McGill love the one in Montreal, and it definitely did not disappoint. If you know a friend who can get you on guest-list, go immediately; not paying cover usually makes the entire experience better since … Continue reading Apt. 200